The time period for creating a bracket has closed, but you can still donate!


How It Works


1. Sign up with Email

You can get started by using an email/password combination.


2. Pick your Winners and Create a Bracket

After Selection Sunday, March 16th, you can create one or more "brackets." In other words, you can try to predict the winners of each match in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.


3. Choose How Much You'd Like to Donate

The minimum donation for creating a bracket is $2, but you can create as many brackets as you wish and donate as much as you want. You can also donate directly without creating a bracket.

Additional Details

As the tournament progresses, you'll earn points for every prediction you get right. We'll post a leaderboard of the users with the most points.

The proceeds will be divided in half. 50% will go toward research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The top 5 users will each get to donate 10% of the proceeds to the charity of their choice.